Curriculum Vitae



Ph.D., Political Science
University of Toronto

Graduate Certificate, Gender and Women’s Studies

Dissertation: From the Politics of Everyday Resistance to the Politics from Below: Migrant Care Worker Activism in Canada. Winner of the 2014 National Women’s Studies Association Best Dissertation/First Book Prize

Committee: Joseph Carens (Supervisor), Audrey Macklin, Phil Triadafilopoulos


MSc. Gender & Development
London School of Economics

Dissertation: Women’s Rights under a Multicultural Framework. Winner of the 2008 Canadian Political Science Association Jill Vickers Prize.

Supervisor: Anne Phillips


University of British Columbia
BA (Honors) Political Science & Gender Studies

Authored Books

  • Abu-Laben, Y., Gabriel, C. and Tungohan, E. (Under Contract). Containing Diversity: Canada and the Politics of Immigration in the 21st Century. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  • Tungohan, E. (Under Contract). Migrant Care Worker Activism in Canada: From the Politics of Everyday Resistance to the Politics from Below. Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Press.

Journal Publications

  • Francisco-Menchavez, V. and Tungohan, E. (2020). Mula Sa Masa, Tungo Sa Masa, From the People, For the People: Building Migrant Worker Power through Participatory Action Research. Migration Letters, 17(2), 257-264.
  • Tungohan, E., Levac, L. and Price, K. (2020). Socially Engaged Research and Teaching. Politics, Groups, and Identities , 17(2), 160-163.
  • Tungohan, E. (2020). Reflections on Different Approaches to Socially-Engaged Research in the Social Sciences. Politics, Groups, and Identities, 8(1), 172-180.
  • Tungohan, E. (2020). Settlement, Separation and Forming New Families: A Multi-Scalar Intersectional Analysis of Filipino Family Immigration in Saskatchewan, Canada. Women’s Studies International Forum, 83. Available at
  • Tungohan, E. (2019). Global Care Chains and the Spectral Histories of Care Migration. International Journal of Care and Caring, 3(2), 229-245.
  • Tungohan, E. and Hanley, J. (2019). A Question of Caring: Ethical and Policy Dilemmas Arising from Care Migration. International Journal of Care and Caring, 3(2), 225-227.
  • Banerjee, R., Kelly, P., Tungohan, E., Cleto, P., de Leon, C., Garcia, M., Luciano, M., Palmaria, C. and Sorio, C. (2018). From Migrant to Citizen: The Labour Market Integration of Former Live-in Caregivers in Canada. ILR Review, 71(4), 908-936.
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  • Tungohan, E., Banerjee, R., Chu, W., Cleto, P., de Leon, C., Garcia, M., Kelly, P., Luciano, M., Palmaria, C. and Sorio, C. (2015). After the Live-in Caregiver Program: Filipina Caregivers’ Experiences of Uneven and Graduated Citizenship. Canadian Ethnic Studies, 47(1), 87-105. doi:10.1353/ces.2015.0008.
  • Tungohan, E. (2013). Reconceptualizing Motherhood, Reconceptualizing Resistance: Migrant Domestic Workers, Transnational Hyper-Maternalism, and Activism. International Feminist Journal of Politics, 15(1), 39-57. doi:10.1080/14616742.2012.699781.
  • Tungohan, E. (2010). Is Global Sisterhood Elusive? A Critical Assessment of the Transnational Women’s Rights Movement. Atlantis, 34(2), 104-114. Available at
  • Tungohan, E. and Greaves, L. (2008). Tobacco Use and Production Among Youth in Post-Conflict and Developing Countries: the Perils of Globalization and Trade Liberalization. Marga Journal: Special Issue.
  • Richardson, L., Greaves, L., Jategaonkar, N., Bell, K., Pederson, A. and Tungohan, E. (2007). Rethinking an Assessment of Nicotine Dependence: a Sex, Gender, and Diversity Analysis of the Fagerstrom Test for Nicotine Dependence. Journal of Smoking Cessation, 2(2), 59-67. doi:10.1375/jsc.2.2.59.

Edited Volumes

  • Abu-Laban, Y., Paquet, M. and Tungohan, E. (Under Contract). Migration and Citizenship: Political Science, Policies and Research from a Comparative Perspective. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queens University Press.
  • Coloma, R. S., McElhinny, B., Tungohan, E., Catungal, J. P. C. and Davidson, L. M. (2012). Disturbing Invisibility: Filipinos in Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Book Chapters

  • Tungohan, E. (Book Chapter Accepted). Temporary Migrant Workers’ Engagement and (Dis)engagement with the Policy Process. In L. Levac and S. M. Wiebe (Eds.), Creating Spaces of Engagement (pp. 294-311). : .
  • Tungohan, E. (2019). Equality and Recognition or Transformation and Dissent? Intersectionality and the Filipino Migrants Movement in Canada. In C. Montoya and S. Lang (Eds.), Gendered Mobilizations, Intersectional Challenges (pp. 208-225). : .
  • Tungohan, E. (2015). International Approaches to Governing Temporary Labour Migrants: A Critical Assessment of the UN Committee on Migrant Workers, the ILO Conventions on Labour Migration, and the International Migrants Alliance. In J. Boulden and W. Kymlicka (Eds.), International Approaches to Governing Ethnic Diversity (pp. 102-127). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.
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  • Tungohan, E. (2012). Debunking Notions of Migrant ‘Victimhood’: A Critical Assessment of Temporary Labour Migration Programs and Filipina Migrant Activism in Canada. In R. Coloma, B. McElhinny, E. Tungohan and L. Davidson (Eds.), Disturbing Invisibility: Filipinos in Canada (pp. 161-180). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.
  • Tungohan, E. (2012). Protecting Temporary Labour Migrants: An Emerging Role for Global Cities. In H. Bauder (Ed.), Immigration and Settlement: Challenges, Experiences, and Opportunities in Global and Local Contexts (pp. 75-93). Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press.

Working Papers

  • Tungohan, E. (2008). Global Migration and Development: Is Co-Development the Answer?. Global Tensions, Global Possibilities: Everyday Forces of Conformity and Contestation. Hamilton, ON: Institute of Globalization and the Human Condition.
  • Tungohan, E. (2008). Gender, Migration, and Co-Development: Making the Case for Gender-Responsive Co- Development. United Nations INSTRAW Working Paper: Gender, Remittances, and Migration. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic: UN-INSTRAW.
  • Tungohan, E. (2007). Special Procedures of the United Nations Commission of Human Rights. Transparency International Report on Follow-Up Process on United Nations Convention on Corruption. Geneva: Transparency International.

Book Reviews

  • Tungohan, E. (2017). Review of the book Citizenship and Its Others, edited by Vanessa Hughes and Bridget Anderson. Population, Space, and Place.
  • Tungohan, E. (2016). Review of the book Strangers at the Gates: Movements and States in Contentious Politics by Sydney Tarrow. Social Movements, 15(1), 121-123. doi:10.1080/14742837.2014.997695.
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  • Tungohan, E. (2009). Review of the book Emigration: Economic Implications by T. Ramachandra Shastri. Atlantis.
  • Tungohan, E. (2004). Review of the book Feminist Social and Political Theory by Janice McLaughlin. Women’s Studies Network.