Precarious Migrants, Citizenship, and Belonging

Summary of Research Topic

This research traces the effects of policies on different groups of migrants in order to better understand whether the federal government’s policies on ‘citizenship’ and ‘belonging’ in Canada have their desired effect empirically. Until recently, when controversies concerning purported Canadian ‘job loss’ because of employers’ increasing reliance on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and the Caregiver Program (CP) led the Canadian government to reverse its policies, the Canadian government had depicted the TFWP and the LCP as creating ‘win-win’ situations for employers and workers and as evidence of the positive effects of liberal inclusion and multiculturalism. Rather than taking as given federal government rhetoric on the positive effects of these policies, Dr. Tungohan critically assesses the diverse effects of migrant care work and temporary foreign worker policies on migrant care workers, temporary foreign workers, immigrant communities, and other stakeholders such as Canadian employers and Canadian families. She argues that ‘citizenship’ and ‘belonging’ are experienced differently on the basis of country of origin, type of migrant (e.g., permanent or temporary), race, class, gender, and age.

Current Initiatives/Studies

  • Gabriela Transitions Experiences Survey: SSHRC funded research collaboration with Gabriela-Ontario, Dr. Rupa Banerjee (Ryerson University), and Dr. Philip Kelly (York University)
  • Grant Notley Postdoctoral Research Fellowship: Focus on Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Alberta.

Related Publications

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