Gender, Migration, and Co-Development: Making the Case for Gender-Responsive Co- Development

Tungohan, E. (2008)
United Nations INSTRAW Working Paper: Gender, Remittances, and Migration, UN-INSTRAW, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Migration is an inevitable part of today’s global landscape, with all regions of the world affected by escalating international migration flows. According to the 2005 United Nations World Migrant Stock Population database, there were 191 million documented migrants globally in 2005.  This report has a two-pronged argument. First, it recognizes the potential benefits co- development can bring as a migration and development tool. It thus becomes imperative to conduct a comprehensive critical overview of co-development research and practices in order to ascertain the ways in which co-development has been historically deployed. Second, this report advances an explicitly gender-sensitive and gender-responsive co-development agenda; co-development is laudable in its attempts to amalgamate migration with development practices, but can only be a viable and effective policy option if it institutes gender mainstreaming in all of its operations.